Three years on and it’s spring again

by little red pen

1 August 2009

We turned the corner into August today, Mum. Good,
You would say — we’ve made it through winter. It’s spring.
No matter that you changed seasons a month ahead of everyone else;
Nature always backed you, and this year is no different.
There’s a magnolia budding open on Hiropi Street, and
The gardens are full of bulbs. I imagine that at home,
It’s the same. The plum tree will be beauty incarnate
At the edge of the bottom block; snowdrops will greet every
Visitor. Dad will be mowing the lawns more often, and
Some nights may not even need a fire. The days will
Lengthen, and the rhododendrons be in full flight.
And I wonder, how can all this still happen, without you there
To name it? Will it be like this every year now?
A provisional spring? Or is that another job you’ve
Left for me — to witness, to hope, to sing?