Learning to count

by little red pen

As all parents know, it’s very hard to have a shower uninterrupted. So today, it happened like this…

The bigger boy pokes his head around the door and I can see his mouth moving, but I can’t hear a word. I open the shower door.

Cat: Okay, so Rabbit can count to ten. [PAUSE] Well, he can say all the numbers, but not in the right order. [PAUSE] Oh, except for zero. Hang on.

(30 seconds later) Cat: Right — he can say zero.

Cat disappears, then returns after 1 minute.

Cat: He just said, “2, 4, 8” but he missed 6.

Mama: Well, if he says “16” next, he’s a genius.

Cat: Huh?

Lengthy explanation follows, questions, elaborations, examples, etc. Cat disappears, then returns after 20 seconds.

Cat: Yes, he’s got 16. What’s next?

And so on. Which is why I can’t manage a shower in two minutes.

But then I remembered the joy (unshared, I’m afraid) of teaching my little sister maths when she started school. Maybe there are genes for this stuff.

Teaching numbers