Channelling my mum

by little red pen

So, I’m getting older. And some things are starting to come out (not just in me, either). If you ever see me do any of these things, it’s just the inheritance, okay?

  1. Stab food with just a little too much gusto when dividing it onto people’s plates. Particularly likely when it’s fruit for dessert.
  2. Proclaim that the Southern Hemisphere spring starts in August. Just look at the ground, if you doubt me. Those flowers? They’re doing spring right now. How you divide up the other seasons is entirely up to you. I go for two months of winter, four of spring, three of summer and three of autumn. But in Dunedin, sometimes the summer is just a few weeks squished between spring and autumn.
  3. Snuffle my children. What can I say? They smell good. Particularly in that wee corner between cheek and ear.
  4. Bacon.
  5. Or a sprinkling of salt.
  6. Not cucumber though. I’m leaving that one for my sister and the kids. Unless it’s in yoghurt. Or a diced salad. Or pickle.
  7. Cry easily. Then resent the film or song that made me do it.
  8. Bask in the sun. Window, coffee, book.
  9. Worry about my double chin. Then get over it.
  10. Pick flowers for people.
  11. See the funny side. Not always appropriately.