Autumn, how I love thee — let me count the ways

by little red pen

So, I guess up there in the North, you’re all spring — coats and blossoms and soft rain and crocuses and whatnot. Down here in the South, though, we’ve flicked into autumn, which I suspect is my soul season, and which I am certain is delightful and a welcome growing up of summer, that fickle, disappointing, occasionally wonderful season.

Good things about autumn (which my over-caffinated fingers have tried to spell about six different ways already)

  1. It’s a warm and clean-limbed day, and I’ve brought my work out to the back porch. Coffee; a raggedy, weedy garden; bees patrolling the flowers, doing their small, vital work; the leaves taking colour against the sky; some writing to put to rights.
  2. Scarves, obviously. And cardigans. I’m such an old lady.
  3. Red wine seems to go with most meals.
  4. When we have friends over, we can pull the table into the garden and have a FEAST.
  5. The temperature has steadied, the wind has dropped. If it heats up, I’ll take extra joy in bare arms. If it cools down, I’ll light a fire without feeling foolish. When the sun shines, my limbs will soften and I’ll tilt my head to the sky.
  6. The year has clicked into gear. We’re rolling now.
  7. Duvets. Bed.
  8. In the spring, just two seasons away, I’ll be an aunty to two new babies. And one of them will be just down the valley.
  9. The students are back — the city’s got its buzz on.
  10. Eggplants, zucchinis, tomatoes, pumpkins. Lamb. Fennel growing fat in the ground. Apples. Pears.