Lessons of the day

by little red pen

In which I learn again the things that I have learnt so many times already, and usually not without a bit of hassle and grief.

  1. Playing soccer for an hour after school without having had a proper lunch makes the Cat ratty (to mix my critters).
  2. Hugs are pretty good first aid.
  3. Band aids are very useful when they are not really needed and strongly resisted when they are needed.
  4. Most things can be mopped up.
  5. Speaking of, clean floors are over-rated, but they also take the internal tension down a notch.
  6. The time to cook dinner always comes around too soon.
  7. This is a “windows open” kind of house; fresh air saves us.
  8. Friends are the best.
  9. Two small boys can spend a very long time digging a clump of grass out of the sidewalk.
  10. If in doubt, feed the children.