Exercise is a box of chocolates

by little red pen

How ridiculous, but wouldn’t that be awesome, right? If exercise was like a box of chocolates, full of variety and treats and dark and light and with plenty of hard caramels, I would be all in. As we’ve established, however, I’m more of a dabbler.

Still, what I am working on is variety.

I run every now and then (I might run today, and having written it, am slightly more likely to —will let you know), but running doesn’t feel very good if you only do it every now and then, so I’m going to have to make a call on that one. To run or not to run? I need to answer this question before I turn 40. That doesn’t give me very long.

I tried cycling for the first time since childhood over the summer, and I really like it. It’s time consuming, but extremely pleasant, so I think I’ll do that more. The little things trip me up, though. My partner made me shift my bike from the back porch to the garage for aesthetic reasons. So you can guess what that did for my motivation.

Yoga’s good. I like yoga. Also a time investment. And the money! Yikes!

And last night I returned to an old love — I went to an adult ice-skating class. It’s been about 15 years since I skated properly, so my brain keeps getting in my way (what? go backwards? you must be joking!), and a few muscle groups think it’s madness, but my legs remember the flick of speed and pull of an edge that had me hooked all those years ago. So, that one might stay in the mix. The rink has weekly classes and I’ve written them in my diary until July. Wish me luck. I need my brain to behave and my knees to bend.

Update: Well, I did go running. I think I feel better? Apart from wanting to lie in a small, quiet heap somewhere for about half an hour.