World Cup Final (live blog)

by little red pen

Well, this is very experimental. I suggested to the Cat that we live-blog the final, and he was all over it.

5.29am A Goal! Argentina! Off-side! Big emotion on the couch. (And for Higuain as well.)

We’re just getting into this now. Ian got the Cat up in time for the start, but it’s 5am here, so I consider myself successful just for having got out of bed in the first 20 minutes.

5.32am Is it time for coffee yet? Why are the outfits different colours to last time? Yellow cards like confetti.

5.34am Germany getting chances. Lots of running. Messi misses.

5.35am Shit that was close. I really like the Argentine goalie. The Cat is checking my spelling.

5.38am Germany and Argentina played each other in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Germany whipped Argentina 4-0, and Maradona was Argentina’s coach. So close again, but at the other again. Messi looks cross.

5.39am Jeez, still nil-all and it’s 39 minutes in.

5.40am Germany got a good chance. Out. Lots of crowd noise and the ref is having a chat with a few players.

5.41am We’re backing Argentina, by the way. Crosses coming, Argentina heads away. Sneaky Germans. My lovely goalie.

5.44am Klose was close.

5.45am I just noticed that the Argentinians have very bright shoes on.

5.46am The ref has a lot to say. Flag is up. Ball hit the post and came back to a player who was off-side. Too complicated for me, but the Cat gets it.

5.47am Half-time. COFFEE.

5.58am Baguettes are spread and the coffee is almost ready. The Cat has trivia for me. Germany last won in 1990, playing against Argentina. Argentina last won in 1986, playing against Germany. So, there you go.

6.03am Argentina has conceded three goals this World Cup. Bosnia-Herzegovina (1) and Nigeria (2), but they won both those matches. Off-side again? C’mon Argentina.

6.06am Good baguettes. Messi so close. Damn.

6.07am Mr Trivia tells me that Germany has conceded four goals this World Cup. Ghana (2), Algeria (1) and Brazil (1). Drew with Ghana and won the other two. One of them emphatically.

6.08am Rio looks pretty. Players on the ground when they should be kicking the ball in the net. Argentina still there. Jesus is watching on the hill and the cameraperson is having fun.

6.10am We’re down the German end, but the ball is out now. Germany’s first World Cup was won in 1954. 2-down at half-time, but came back to win 3-2 against Hungary. They won their second in 1974 against the Dutch. The Dutch scored before the Germans even touched the ball, with Cruyff dribbling up to the area and winning a penalty. Neeskens converted it. Bang! In the net! The Germans came back to win 2-1.

6.15am A very cross, injured Argentinian (Higuain). Looks like the impacts can be high at these speeds. Still freaked out about Neymar’s back.

6.18am Argentina has only won two World Cups. 1978 against the Dutch and 1986 as above.

6.19am Stuffed chance by Phillip Lahm.

6.20am Bit of trickery around the ball and a stuffed chance by Mesut Ozil too. Oh no, not a chance. Off the side of his leg.

6.21am Argentina corner. A German head and an Argentine head hit the ball at the same time. Ball goes out. Two heads not better than one.

6.23am Bad tackle by Mascherano. The yellow card comes out again.

6.24am Another player down, another yellow card. Agüero this time.

6.25am Singing from the crowd. Sounds Argentinian. Romero snatches the ball from the air with no trouble at all.

6.28am Apparently Lahm does a lot of yoga. He can certainly run fast.

6.29am Romero saves another goal. Bless him.

6.30am Ref looking very cross. Someone got told.

6.32am Ball played to Messi. Didn’t work.

6.33am Close, Messi, but not close enough.

6.38am Great defence from Argentina, but Germany playing well. Romero boots it. Ten minutes to go.

6.40am German attempt at goal, but well off-target.

6.41am Funny facials from the ref. Not a man to be easily swayed by appeals from players. Should get him to negotiate contracts for me.

6.43am Lovely passing, but Aguero slips.

6.46am Substitutions on both sides.

6.49am The last two World Cups haven’t been settled in ordinary time. 2010 went to extra time and 2006 was penalty shoot-outs. Into stoppage time now. Three minutes and Argentina need to get something please. Praise God for Romero, and he seems to think so too.

6.51am Lovely defence. Argentina running now, but it doesn’t go anywhere. 30 seconds on the clock. Some tired legs out there. Extra time coming up, and more coffee.

6.59am Very close for Germany. Messi! What was that?

7.02am Romero looking very focused. Like a short-sighted chipmunk.

7.03am I’m… yes, hungry. (The Cat.) Mascherano, was it? Missed. We send Ian to make noodles. No, it was Palacio.

7.12am The Cat is stretching. He looks more relaxed than anyone in the crowd. Is anyone ever going to score? Lahm on the ground. Grass everywhere. Was there no catcher on the mower?

7.14am Extra time half-time. The Argentinian coach looks very animated. The German looks concerned. The Cat is thinking about noodles.

7.17am We’re back. Romero kicks to the German goalkeeper. Free kick to Germany, goes nowhere. Everyone’s playing with their heads. Free kick against Aguero. Schweinsteiger looking pretty banged up. Lots of heads making contact. Brains cells being lost by the minute.

7.22am The Cat is into his noodles. Rabbit still sleeping. Schweinsteiger is back.

7.24am Germany scores! Not happy, Sam. A left-footer from Götze. A very sad child in the stands. I feel for him, but it’s not over yet, kid.

7.29am A header over the net.

7.31am We are deflated. And we stuffed the tipping competition too, after a flawless run in the round of 16 and the quarter-finals.

7.32am This would be the first time a European team has won in a South America-hosted World Cup. There’s a German on the ground, but Messi has a free kick. C’mon Messi. Argentinian children are crying everywhere. It’s Schweinsteiger down again. I think he should go have a beer.

7.34am Messi way over.

7.36am Germany have won. The Cat tells me that no-one has won three World Cups anymore. Brazil has five (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002). Germany has four (1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014). Italy also has four (1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006). Argentina has two (1978 and 1986), as does Uruguay (1930 and 1950). France has one (1998), England also has one (1966), and so does Spain (2010).

We’re going bookshopping today. Or maybe to find some soccer shirts. The Cat still loves Messi, but maybe more when he’s playing for Barcelona.

Signing out from the 2014 World Cup. It’s been a long month, but a good one.