A new house on an old hill, part II

by little red pen

We’ve been in this house for a year now, a full turning of the seasons, a trip round the sun. The sun and the rain are in a constant interplay, and the garden is rioting. I don’t want to get panicked by all the growth; I want to embrace the mess, the vitality, the shaggy glory of it all.

So, photos. Framing, perspective and a bit of wonder. That should do the trick.


P1070646 P1070647 P1070648 P1070649 P1070650 P1070651 P1070652 P1070653 P1070654 P1070655 P1070656 P1070657 P1070658 P1070659 P1070660 P1070661 P1070662 P1070663 P1070664 P1070666 P1070667 P1070668 P1070669 P1070670