Two wheels

by little red pen

So, exciting news here — I got me a new bike, and it’s loooovely. It’s fast and all the gears work and it’s got a step-through frame and I can reach the ground when I stop. Perfection!

I got panniers so I can pop my laptop in and be a two-wheeled editor-about-town, and I’m planning a series of narrow-legged, loose-sleeved outfits that will let me cycle comfortably and still appear tidy at meetings. One day, we’ll do the Central Otago Rail Trail as a family, and then I can use the panniers for more rugged, outdoorsy purposes, but in the meantime, I quite like the idea of merging my need for exercise with work requirements.

The Cat and I rode down to the harbour and along the bike track at the weekend. It was a long, hilarious, companionable ride, punctuated with many, many stops for road crossing, navigational discussions, inclines, declines, shags, herons, a spoonbill, a family of geese scrambling up over the rocks at the river mouth, bananas, water, leg stretching, and a particularly nice moment when we just sat on a bench and looked at the water. We were a little team, and as we rode along, the Cat whistled and sang football anthems while I reminded him at regular intervals to stay left.

To feel freedom and flight in my own body and at the same time glance over to my beautiful boy feeling the same thing, yeah, that’s a moment I’ll treasure.