Gotta laugh

by little red pen

My children are very different from each other. We started on Christmas decorations this week, and tonight is streamers. I started cutting lengths of card for a loop streamer, then the Cat decided that he wanted to work on a folded crepe paper streamer instead. Bear in mind that I am also trying to wash the dishes and cook dinner.

I told the Cat to get two rolls of crepe paper in the colours of his choice and meet me on the sofa. I cut the rest of the card and showed the Rabbit how to make loops and staple them together. The Rabbit (3) sat at the kitchen table and diligently worked on his streamer. The Cat (8) dumped half a roll of crepe paper on the living room floor, walked around the house with the rest of the roll on his head, fell off the sofa, watched me start the streamer, did one fold, and decided he’d had enough.

God, I love them both with all my heart, but sometimes I wonder how much I can pin on the genetic inheritance from their father. As I write, the Rabbit is still working on his streamer, and the Cat is standing on his head and debating what his name is while Ian fills out a form for school camp.