City living

by little red pen

P1080684We did half of Dunedin’s Street Art Trail last weekend. We were planning to do the whole thing, which is estimated to take 60 minutes, but it took us a good couple of hours to bus into town, trek around the first half, take photos, write notes, wrangle children, climb on anything climbable, kiss a lion and stop for coffee, cold drinks and an antipasto platter. More to come, I guess.

Anyhoodle, the trail is awesome. You’re basically tromping round the city, but doing art at the same time. My boys are disastrous in galleries (although the small one loves the DPAG kids’ room) unless the art is extremely interactive. Lego was a winner, and the funny blow-up landscape thing almost was but the staff were so uptight about that one that they kind of sucked out all the joy, y’know. So, back to topic, doing art outside with buildings and trees and streets and graffiti and BIG, CRAZY, EXUBERANT pictures is the way to go.

Thanks for the art, Dunedin. And thanks for the photos, kids.

P1080620 P1080629 P1080630 P1080637 P1080641 P1080643 P1080644 P1080647 P1080648 P1080652 P1080653 P1080654 P1080655 P1080657 P1080662 P1080664 P1080666 P1080671 P1080681 P1080687 P1080688 P1080695 P1080697 P1080699 P1080701 P1080704 P1080705 P1080709 P1080712 P1080717 P1080720 P1080725 P1080728 P1080729 P1080735 P1080749 P1080752 P1080758 P1080761