Reading list

by little red pen

Occasional notes on what I’ve read.

Maurice Gee, Under the Mountain
I read this book as a child (teenager?) and it freaked me right the hell out. There were sluggy creatures and hot stones and lurking giant people and a scene where the children were standing in a cavernous room coming to terms with what they needed to do to save the world from apocalyptic horror.

It was terrifying, and for years I avoided even thinking about it if I could.

But then I saw it in the library and wondered if the Cat would enjoy it. Which is crazy because he bridles at fantasy literature and also, you know, terrifying. So I read it instead.

I have to say that reading it in middle age wasn’t so bad. Although someone could have warned me that the twins have red hair.

The characters are fantastic, the twins tightly connected, but different enough to be interesting and believable. Mr Jones is heartbreakingly right. Ricky anchors everything with his teenage courage and non-bullshittiness. Auckland, well, you’ll never look at Auckland the same way again.