The chickens are going to need names

by little red pen

Chook mission is getting serious around here. My father-in-law will be over from Australia in a week or so, and we’re planning to take advantage of having a competent grown-up in the house by getting him to help us with the netting and fencing for the chicken house. Theoretically this is something we should be fully capable of managing on our own, and yet … we haven’t.

We have planted the berry bushes that are the start of the “orchard” (berries and small fruit trees on the bank), we’ve got a nest box and a perch (and a house), and we’ve also starting thinking about what is probably the most important part of the whole dealio: chicken names. We have embarrassingly few practical skills, but we’re okay with words.

So, thoughts please.

Option 1: flowers. Daisy, Rose, etc. No, I didn’t think so either.

Option 2: Crime novelists. Ngaio, Agatha, Dorothy, etc.

Option 3: Women of film. Tilda, Angelina, Marilyn, etc.

Option 4: Bad taste. Kebab, Nibbles, Drumstick, etc. Yeah, nah.

Option 5: Old-fashioned lady names. Harriet, and then we got stuck.

Opinions and fresh ideas would be very welcome. There’s plenty of time though. We haven’t got walls yet.