Sample dialogue

by little red pen

Context: The Rabbit is writing a Christmas play. It’s about a group of sea creatures and a marine biologist.

One of the characters is a leafy sea dragon. The Rabbit wants to change it to a leaf sea dragon. The Cat feels strongly that this is not okay.

Cat: It’s stupid, you need to say leafy sea dragon.

Rabbit: It’s my play, I’ll say what I want.

Cat: Fine, then I’m not going to be in it.

Rabbit: Right, I’m going to take all your parts out.

Cat: Go on, I don’t care.

Rabbit: Oh, alright then, I’ll make it a leafy sea dragon.

Mama: Hey, you can give his part to someone else. Granddad could do it.

Cat: No, he couldn’t. I’m the ultimate kangaroo.